red flags in workshops

If you only see the signs…

Just as in many other areas of life, stories continue to emerge about teachers of tantra, yoga, spirituality, sexuality, and personal development who have abused their power. Past students are increasingly finding the self-confidence and support to come forward with shocking tales of bullying, gaslighting, assault and even rape – by the very leaders and facilitators in whom they had invested huge amounts of money, time and trust. All in the hope of healing and learning.

Our Mission& Vision

This website contains free materials and is both aimed at students and facilitators. For students, to understand what power dynamics may be at play, and what behavior is appropriate, so that their position is stronger, hopefully preventing harmful situations from happening, and making it easier to reach out for support after harm.

It is also intended to help facilitators avoid the pitfalls of falling into shadow power dynamics with their participants and develop better practices.

You are not alone. We believe you. Intentional harm in the name of healing is never okay.

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