About Us

This page is made from the intention to provide free and accessible materials that may help bring healing after harm, and support prevention of ongoing harm.

The contents of this page came into existence through collaborations, through inspiration, and other ways. Here is an overview:

brochures on flags and roles

The brochures and content have been created in collaboration with Rupert James Alison from The Art of Consent.

photo credentials

The photos on this website come license free from Unsplash, and are made by Seoyeon Choi, Manuel Hoster, Dan Meyers. The photo below of Wilrieke is made by Elwin Rijken a.k.s. ERos Heathen.

About the maker of this page

Wilrieke Sophia (they/them) is a sex & intimacy educator; consent, kink and eclectic neo-tantra facilitator; intimacy activist; (TEDx) speaker; writer; and founder of Exploring Deeper and Cuddle Workshops International.

They identify as queer, sex-positive, polyamorous and kinky. Wilrieke is based near Amsterdam, The Netherlands where they openly combine being a mother of three daughters with their work.

The main focus of their work is empowerment through self-knowledge and understanding, radical self-inclusion, the embodied experiencing of boundaries and desires, and an extensive practice of consent – all based on a foundation of trauma awareness and neuroscience, embedded in experiential spaces based on intimacy practices. Wilrieke hosts sex-positive retreats, play parties, teacher training, and festivals.

Wilrieke has been in a sex cult and nudged on the sides of other culty places as they saw their friends getting into them. They worked with colleagues who appeared to have different standards considering ethics than they had, were a whistle blower on several occasions, and heard numerous first-hand accounts of folks experiencing harm in their communities.  As they are not the person to sit still, Wilrieke decided to dedicate part of their free time to creating free and easily accessible materials on e.g. accountability, abuse and power dynamics in the intimacy and wellness communities.

This project is an unpaid labor of care. Have you benefited from the content, and would you like to support the creator? Please consider making a donation!